Failure and Success

Yesterday I ran the half marathon I had promised myself I would complete this year. It was such a crazy, emotional experience. I had actually run thirteen miles on the treadmill several weeks ago so I knew that I could make the distance. But what a catastrophe! I went out WAY too fast (it was a really steep hill), felt horrible after only the first three miles, and spent the next ten struggling with self-defeating thoughts. I feel so mentally weak--not to mention physically! My pacing was horrible, and my time was embarrassing! But through it all I learned some things . . .
Don't start out too fast!! (You know, that 'don't run faster than you have strength thing'.)
Run with a friend! (If I could have been more distracted from the discomfort I would have fared better, I think.)
Enjoy the beautiful scenery!! (Wow, it was gorgeous!)
Focus on my blessings!
Enjoy your friends! (Cathy Davis took me down, let me stay in her house, and bought me meals. We talked, laughed and cried a lot!!)
Run shorter races! (I really do not find the long stuff enjoyable, or addicting, like so many other people. I really enjoy the shorter faster stuff. I suppose I really am a sprinter, huh?)
Take more Gu--at least three for a half-marathon!

The night before I wrote a list of who I would run for each mile. It goes like this . . .
1. Shannon
2. Luke
3. Past, Present, Future
4. Kay
5. Lanette
6. My talents
7. My blessings
8. Cathy
9. Eric
10. Lizzie
11. Larry
12. LeeAnn

13. The Savior

I suppose it can be said that I did it! Maybe it was meant to be a humbling experience for me. Yet another one to let me know that I really am as a grain of sand.

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