Susan Needs . . .

I found this idea on Michelle's blog and gave it a try. Basically, I typed in "Susan needs" into my search engine and this is what the first "clear" results came back as:

Susan needs opportunities to practice literate speech and help in elaborating her thoughts. (Especially after talking 'Lukese' all day and rarely interacting with adults!)

I think that Susan was grateful too. ... That's all she needs. (I am certain that a change in attitude would put me at peace.)

Please, at this time Susan needs her rest. (Ain't this the truth! Between Luke who can't seem to find his snuggly in the middle of the night, Lizzie who decides to write her paper that is due the next day at 1am, my dear hubby who comes in at 3am and can't settle to sleep until 5am, Eric who reads into the wee hours, and Mr. Darcy who apparently got a bone stuck in his throat and gagged all night--I get NO sleep!)

Susan needs only a clear picture of the subject and detailed directions. (Talk about directionally challenged! I came out of the movie theater in the dark the other night in an unfamiliar part of town with no landmarks and couldn't even tell which direction was East. But worse than that is my state of indecision. Waiting for a SIGN--be it job, house, school--to help me out of my undisciplined phase and moving forward.)

Susan needs a place to live. (I have looked at thousands of houses--in thousands of places--and have no idea where I am going. Call me crazy!)

Susan needs your help – right now! (I got home from being away to visit Shannon's family last weekend and my Lizzie had cleaned the entire house--floors, bathroom, sinks, etc. What a gem!)

Everybody needs a Susan. (Obviously:))

Susan needs a home that understands her. (This only refers to the actual home, not my family. How cool would it be to have a house where the family doesn't have to DIBS the toilet? Or Eric doesn't have to use the backyard in the snow?)

Help Susan run – she needs you. (Thank heaven for LeeAnn who faithfully meets me at the gym every morning. We can talk like nothing else. And I love that our conversation is usually about ideas, not people. It has been great getting to know her better and being inspired by her! Not to mention her medical services have SAVED our family this year!)

Susan needs no poll to know the ugly apathy many Americans feel. (I can hardly talk about my sadness over the destruction of this country. I fear there is no coming back from it without revolution. But that is for another post.)

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  1. Good times, Sue! You got some really good ones! Lukeneese? Funny stuff, girl, funny stuff!


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