::Featured on Etsy Finds::

My Melmac Barnacle Bowl is featured today at the top of Etsy Finds newsletter. How exciting!

And a new pattern has just rolled off the hook, been photographed and sent to the testers. Who can stand the excitement!? Not me! Here's a little teaser...


  1. So exciting! You are crocheting and crocheting. Love the colors and love your newest pattern. Soon things will settle and I can get back to crocheting. One row at a time is now my motto. Love ya dear friend, Karie

    1. Thanks! I like that motto! One row at a time! Love ya!

  2. Sue,
    Congratulations! I love your blog and all the fun creation you have made. You are so talented!

    Ann Ericksen (I put my last name just so I don't get confused with other "Ann's" in your life) :)

    1. Thanks, Ann! And, yes, I have been blessed with several wonderful Anns in my life, including you!


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