::Newest Pattern--What the Cuff?::

Here is my latest crochet pattern...

You can find it in my Etsy shop, on Ravelry or on Craftsy.

I am pleased as punch about how they came together. it is a terrifically simple pattern and uses a sweater sleeve so you can wear the cuff at any height. Easy peasy and pretty snazzy, huh?

And I so appreciate my Lizzie girl being the model and letting me use her camera--with a much better lens than mine! It really makes a difference! 

Aren't the boots the cutest, too?! You can find them here. These belong to my daughter, but I've had my eye on a pair for a while now. If I get red ones, I might need to try the cuffs in a brighter color to give a little pop, and wear them over some skinny jeans. But I want to wait for cooler weather for that! Holy Hannah, it has been so crazy hot the kids don't even want to go outside.

Don't tell anyone, but I actually cut the sleeves off of a CASHMERE sweater for these cuffs. But, ohhhh, they are so soft on the leg. 

My awesome Barnacle Bed Bowl sold quickly--it's off to meet Maria in Athens, Greece. I hope she loves it. I had a very hard time parting with it. But sharing is good, right? Am I right or am I right? Or am I right...right...right...right. (One of my favorite movies!)

And finally, I am soooooo close to finishing my flowery blanket pattern--still nameless. I need ideas for what to call this beauty!

Happy Weekend World!!


  1. Flower Bed Blanket
    Spring Fever Blanket

    1. Thanks, Lora! I actually ended up naming it Waikiki Wildflower! You can find it at feltedbutton.Etsy.com.

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