::Christmas Nativity::

I have been decorating my house for Christmas--but oddly in little bursts this year. Usually I do it as a marathon event that takes the better part of a day. 

Typically I decorate almost the entire house--well, at least the first level, with little bits and baubles everywhere. But this year, I have decided to only put out the things I enjoy the most--a less-is-more approach.

But while digging through my bins, I came across this nativity set a college friend gave me eons ago.

It is not beautiful by any means. From Mexico, I believe, it is made of inexpensive plaster and scattered with paint chips. But for many years it was the only nativity
I owned. As a newlywed and having very few Christmas decorations with very little money to buy more I would display it every year. After Christmas, it would be placed in a box with little packing peanuts and bits of tissue paper.

Now this time period in my life was pretty dark--full of turmoil, chaos and heartache. Sadly, it was during this time that my relationship with my Savior was not what it should have been. And, sadly, it was during these dark and seemingly lonely years, that I would place this nativity out--with the baby Jesus not there. I could not find Him--for years. I emptied the box, and went through every bit and scrap, but could not find the baby Jesus. In fact, I often found a mismatched "stand-in" to replace Him.

Many years passed and I once again re-established my relationship with my Savior. Christmas rolled around and I decorated as usual. That year, after pulling out the wise men, animals, Mary and Joseph, the angels and finally the wise men, I FOUND HIM!! He had been there the whole time. He was NOT missing. 

This has been a profound reminder to me that He is ALWAYS there. He never left me--he NEVER DOES. I need to seek diligently for Him. If I feel lonely and sad, it might just be because I left Him, not the other way around.

I treasure this sad-looking little nativity, because of this powerful reminder. 

P.S. Perfect use for little yarn bits, huh?! They can be found all over my house. One day, I will show you.

Hugs to you!


  1. You are amazing! What a touching story. It brought tears to my eyes. As I was about to start into the Christmas chaos of the day, it was a beautiful reminder about what Christmas is really all about. Thank you for sharing. Much love, Mary

    1. You are welcome, Mary! Hope your day was wonderful!

  2. What an awesome read. When you said you found your Savior that is exactly what I was thinking, he didn't leave you....no never....

    Mary Christmas,


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