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Just poppin' in to say hello. I have been a bit MIA since the last two pattern releases. But my hook and brain have been busy...

This has been super fun so far. I'm calling it "Doodle Dots" and
will hopefully have it finished this week. 

The pattern needs some tweaking but I'm loving the ruffled edges and big neon centers. I also love the way that it is joined, although it is not quite finished yet.

Can you imagine it in soft pastels dots with white wiggly edges? Or white dots and pale pastel silver and pink ruffles? Or a bunch of shades of aqua? (I can. But my brain works that way. Very visual. Very color oriented.) If not, make sure you follow my Facebook page here because I'll be calling for testers soon and then you can make it in any color you wish! 

I went to the thrift store with my friend Karie today. We found some fun things. Here are a couple treasures I found...

Two lovely little frames with ciclee prints in them. I am so NOT the ballerina. (Wishful thinking.) I like them--and for a buck each, not bad.

This is the piece that Karie sat on for me while I found a store clerk to mark it MINE. Ohhhhh! It is going to be wonderful when I'm done with it. As you might already know about me, I must change the brown. I'm not a brown fan--because color is so much more fun to me! Now, the QUESTION....

What color???!!

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  1. love your ruffles!!!!
    I think any bright colour will do for this piece of furniture!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. Yarn bomb it!!! I'll test for you if you want. I'll join fb now x

  3. wow! That's a very special piece of furniture. I'm a big fan of the white basic colour with neon touches or just a lovely pale rose colour! But I think it will look great in any colour. Good luck!


  4. So fun! Love the colors!

  5. Oh yes, that pattern is awesome (and quite unique, too)! Can't wait to see different color-combos - yes, I can already imagine them, too :)

  6. That blanket pattern looks super fun! Love it! And that bench is gorgeous already, I can't wait to see what you do to make it even more fab! Thanks so much for linking up on Hookin on Hump Day!

  7. Congratulations on being featured on Hookin On Hump Day! http://www.mooglyblog.com/hookin-on-hump-day-33/ Thanks again for sharing your link!

  8. The ballet prints are from the ballet "Giselle" - and it's the second act at the graveyard! It's my favorite ballet!

  9. What a beautiful pattern and the colors WOW just make it pop !!


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