I'm Never Far Away

Hello, dear friends! Just popping in to say "hey, howdy, hey", and let you know that I am still here! My blog posts have been few and far between lately as I've had many personal issues to focus on and settle. But you are not forgotten. And neither is my hook! It seems to be a little bit of peace for my worried mind and heart. Does it work that way for you, too? What a blessing it is to me!

Sadly, I spent the entire last week working up a project with some very lovely baby alpaca...

Working with delightful yarn is sad, you ask?! Well, let me tell you more.

It was given to me by a dear friend and I was so excited to use it. So I sketched out a lovely cowl--with little hexies--all put together in such a lovely way. Or so I thought. But, alas, it was so not what I had envisioned. I dislike it so much I can't bring myself to work in the ends. Or photograph it, either.

The initial disappointment was only magnified when I realized that frogging it was not possible, really, as the bits were very short with the frequent color changes, and pulling out alpaca is VERY challenging! So....I think this lovely yarny creation will find its way to the thrift store in the form of a very sad little cowl and maybe some dear soul will not think it is so sad and ugly. Or maybe, just maybe, the lucky finder will have a better idea of how to put the cast off cowl to better use. Maybe.

On a brighter note...

Remember this lovely variegated cotton? Since I am not a huge fan of variegated, I stewed about how to put it to good use. Here's what I came up with...

A pretty awesome cowl, if I do say so! I love how with the very short color runs of this yarn and this pattern, the stitches are each almost a separate color.

And the back of the stitches looks even cooler than the front. Yes. I like this very much. I had a little Extra Soft Wool Blend from Martha Stewart in Gray Pearl for a simple little border. 

The colors are very current. The cowl is a good size. And the stitch pattern is very simple. Simple is good, huh?

Before I head off, here is the latest FAIL RECOVERY project on my hook. This is very Felted Button-esque--color, texture and flexibility! This is a pattern I can "get my hook into"! I'm calling it "Tippy Toes" and it makes me very happy!

Design Wars 5 voting is about to end. I promise it is worth your time to take a peek at some of the amazing creations by a talented group of designers. 

You can get there from here to vote for a few more days, enter the Red Heart giveaway and join in on the CAL. It's all fun!

Be well, my sweet friends! 

{On the Board} -- Be grateful and kind and remember that everyone around you has a story that may require gentleness and patience and forgiveness and love.                                                         --me



  1. Wow! All three pieces are magnificent! The cowl is amazing and the colors you used simply mesmerize you when you look at it! I wouldn't say it was a fail! For the other two pieces, words just fail me - a true art!

    1. Why, thank you! It's so nice to hear such kind words!

  2. Never a [FAIL], just an [Idea In Progress] since I can't get those out of my mind until I complete something.


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