Working a Trio of Whirls

I'm still here! It may seem that things have been a little quiet from me lately, but don't fret. I've been super busy behind the scenes crocheting my fingers off. Literally, between the holiday decorating/undecorating, the nearly constant handwork and the winter weather, my fingers are cracked and sore. But no worries, I crochet through the ouchies--because crocheting is just too satisying, right? Fortunately, I've received a lot of tips from followers on my Facebook page how to prevent and treat those nasty little fingertip cracks, and they are on the mend. 

I can't wait to share with you what I've been working on. First, the yarn...

Scheepjes Whirl -- Brambleberry, Sherbet Rainbow, Blackberry Mint Chip

See, I've been "whirling"! The above three cakes are Scheepjes Whirl in Brambleberry, Blackberry Mint Chip and Sherbet Rainbow. I loooove these colors together and shipped them off to my friend Sandra in the Netherlands to help me make an additional sample of this new blanket design.

If you are not "whirling" you really need to jump in the action that everyone seems to be doing. If you are not familiar with Scheepjes Whirl*, you need to become familiar with it because I guarantee you'll be as thrilled with it and its lovely result as the rest of the hooky world.

Scheepjes Whirl -- Minty Black Velvet, Sea Breeze Tease and Green Tea Tipple with WIP of Felted Button Trio Blanket (free crochet pattern coming soon)

I mean, seriously, it does magical things! Magical, I tell ya! I think I actually end up crocheting faster with it trying to get to the next color change to see how the colors interact.

Trio Blanket (free crochet pattern by Felted Button coming soon) made with Scheepjes Whir
Photo used courtesy of Sandra Veneman
 I'm so tickled with the way the colors play from both color samples that I'm including both options in the free pattern--and 2 different dimensions for the blanket. Honestly, I think you'll be able to do some magic with almost any three Whirl cakes that suit your fancy. In fact, my post about my Lightfall Blanket has a bunch of 3 Whirl color combos that I think will look beautiful used in this design. Scroll to the bottom of that post to see the few I created, but there are thousands of more possibilities depending on if you pull from the outside of the ball or the inside. And since there are 39 colors of Whirl, 4 colors of Woolly Whirl, and 3 colors of Frosted Whirl, well, let's just say that's plenty of beautiful combinations and permutations!

Trio Blanket (free crochet pattern by Felted Button coming soon) made with Scheepjes Whirl
Photo used courtesy of Sandra Veneman

Trio Blanket (free crochet pattern by Felted Button coming soon) made with Scheepjes Whirl
Photo used courtesy of Sandra Veneman
Trio Blanket (free crochet pattern by Felted Button coming soon) made with Scheepjes Whirl
Photo used courtesy of Sandra Veneman

I'll be sharing a complete reveal of both sample blankets next week so stay tuned! If you are wanting to get your hands on some Scheepjes Whirl you can find it in the following places:

Local Scheepjes stockists can be found here.

The shops below all have international shipping, many times for free with a certain-sized order to the US and other places around the world...

Wool Warehouse (UK)*
Deramores (UK)*
Knotty House (Canada)*

I've got sooo many things to share with you this month, so please pop back by and see what's happening. I've got another free pattern coming this month using Scheepjes Our Tribe* yarn in my very own colorway--Felted Button. (Would you look at that!?)

Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn in colorway Felted Button

Also, watch for a showing off of my Scheepjes Studio Pack*. If you don't know what that is, take a peek at the video from Matt of A Boy & Bunting, here.

With healing hands, and with an excited spirit--I'm off to crochet some more and spend a little time with my son who's wanting me to take him to a local trampoline park! I don't think any back flips are still on my list of stunts--I'm hoping to simply not break a body part! ;) I hope you are finding plenty of time to create and life is peaceful and purposeful.

Take care!! We'll talk soon.

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Susan Carlson of Felted Button -- Colorful Crochet Patterns

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  1. Susan you are indeed very naughty tempting us like this. I just LOOOOOVE this latest project, but oh dear our Rand doesn't buy us much Scheepjes.....saving like mad though. Thanks so much for ALL your inspiration. hugs. xxxxxx

  2. Oh my that is just gorgeous and looks so interesting. BTW Just bought yours, Miss Neris and Somy to make Miss Neris' latest shawl. They make a wonderful combination.


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