I am eternally grateful for my family. We went to my mother's for Thanksgiving dinner today. My husband could sense my stress to prepare this morning and was so responsive in helping with the house and children. The dinner was delicious but the best part was the after-dinner entertainment. Early into the meal, Luke decided that he was not hungry and chose to get down. After pleading to go "side", Lizzie relented and took him outside for a little swinging session. (Which made me nostalgic for those days many years ago when Lizzie was Luke's age and swinging on the same Black Walnut tree.) After getting too cold, Lizzie came in and Luke continued to explore. We all sat at the Thanksgiving table, digesting and observing. First he found the muddy garden with tomatoes speckling the ground. He meticulously squashed every one he could find with his tennies until his mud-laden shoes were also covered with tomato squirts. When he tired of that activity, he found his way to a puddle in the middle of the basketball court. We all had a grand time giggling as he would crouch in preparation for the big action, pause and jump all of two inches off the ground, not quite making the puddle, and then taking two small steps to reach it and stomp and splash. Then he would stop, wave, smile and repeat. Then it was off to the furthermost corner of the yard where he found a lone apple still clinging to the tree. He must have now decided he was hungry because he stood absolutely still while he devoured the entire apple--core and all. What a funny guy!!

Tomorrow is Black Friday and Lizzie and I are up early to marathon shop. We don't even have many things to find, but we love the tradition! Gratefulness abounds in my heart!!

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