Elder Rupert from "Box" Elder

During Singing Time at Primary on Sunday, Eric brought Rupert (his ventriloquiest dummy that he got for Christmas) to help the children learn "How Firm a Foundation". We dressed him up in Luke's white shirt and tie, put on some missionary name badges, and found a cool vintage suitcase at the DI so Rupert could really be a "BOX ELDER-ite". Rupert was supposed to behave as "Not-so-reverent Rupert" and interrupt the teaching of the song with lots of silly jokes. Eric helped LeAnn with the interpretation of the phrases of the hymn. Eric was such a hit! And he really loved stepping out of his typically reserved self to be in the spotlight and get everyone laughing. Here are a few of his jokes:
Why do they announce power outages on TV?
Knock, knock. Who's there? Sarah. Sarah who. Sarah anyone going to let me in?
Do you call a turtle without a shell homeless or naked?
What do you call an elephant in a phone booth? Stuck.
What do you call a lion in the North Pole? Lost.
Cough. Cough. Have you got something in your throat, Rupert? Yeah. Your hand.
My mom is always getting on me about cleaning up my spills. I told her I always do. And I have the stains on my shirt to prove it.
Afterwards, Eric wondered if folks might ask for him to do birthday parties. Cute, huh? It was such an awesome opportunity for him to share a talent and really let loose. Thanks, LeeAnn for allowing him to participate!

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  1. I am SO sad that I missed this!!! Steph said that he went on the road with his act too! I wish I would have known!


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