Lizzie LOVE's Right-Brain Amazingness

I have a truly talented daughter with the ability to see things in her head and put them on paper with surprisingly little effort. Even as a young child she displayed an amazing capacity to interpret colors--by shade, tone, and temperature. She has won more "coloring" contests than I can name. And she was always the "teacher's choice" for her college Interior Design projects.

Some of these were created for fun, some for a class at school, and some while listening to a boring history lecture. When she finishes the other dozen or so in her scattered stack of papers I will post them, too. But she has been busy working on a logo for a friend's business. And I have put in an order for my logo, business cards, and merchandise tags. I can hardly wait to share! Here is but a small sampling of her amazingness:

As you can see, one of her favorite creative icons is Tim Burton and one of her favorite style icons is Audrey Hepburn. Perfect mix for my little girl!


  1. Lizzie is wonderful. I am loving that you shared this! Thanks. It is so fun to see a glimpse inside that talented noggin of hers!


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