Timeline of a Star-Aligning Whirlwind

Since my last entry forever ago some stuff has kinda, sorta happened--


March 2009 Dejunking every room, closet and storage space in the house/garage
Having a yard sale--where money and goods were both stolen (won't be doing that again!) New kitchen sink/faucet, cabinets, countertops and appliances
New bathroom sink/faucet, cabinets, and countertops
Touching up every wall/trim in the house
Tiling the entry downstairs
Taking much of our furniture to a storage unit
Replacing the roof
Changing light fixtures and doorknobs
Planting our square foot garden
Replacing all of the windows
Repairing the leaky porch and replacing drywall
Repairing sprinkler heads
Cleaning the INSIDE of the furnace --and a seemingly bazillion other small and tedious tasks to prepare our house for sale
Exercising every morning
Homeschooling Eric
Interviewing several realtor folks, and after meeting a really crazy liberal woman (deemed "butterfly lady"who offended my very core), we were blessed to find a perfect match for us. (Bill Wegener with ReMax is a masterful negotiator and Dave Ramsey preferred provider!)
April 10, 2009
House Listing

April 23, 2009
Full price offer on house
April 27, 2009
Eric's 10th birthday. I can't believe my little guy is TEN!

We have a rather silly tradition that I started with Lizzie--the Decorating Elf visits and decorates the dining room with confetti, balloons, banners, streamers, gifts, and the special red plate. Sadly, it is widely known who the "Elf" is!

April 29, 2009
Party for Eric at Classic Fun Center. Remind me not to throw a party by myself which requires me to order pizza, serve cake, and keep pre-pubescent boys safe while at the same time keep a very busy two year old from flinging himself in front of speeding skaters or off of high bouncy slides that I am not agile enough to climb without my feet flying in the air. Very embarrassing and SWEATY!
April 23-May 1, 2009
Make four trips to Tooele with our realtor (each requiring about 5 hours) to look at dozens of houses only to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about what to buy. Attend church two Sundays in order to visit wards of houses where we might be interested in buying. Spend lots of time praying, fretting and lying awake with worry about all this house or that, which neighborhood, are there kids, does it have the space we need, can I cope with this broken thing or that ugly thing? Make a fifth trip to Tooele with Shannon to spend 3 hours in a foreclosure measuring and getting estimates on needed repairs and then finally deciding that even the incredible price wouldn't change the fact that killer dogs lived next door and Cletis and Brandeen lived over the back fence! (No kidding, you should have seen the water barrels, broken down cars and old mattresses littering the whole back yard. Reminds me of the joke: If you have one home that is mobile and fifteen cars that ain't, you might be a redneck!)
May 3, 2009
Make a ridiculously low offer on a house with twice the acreage and twice the square footage as our current house--plus we would no longer have to "dibs" the potty!
May 4, 2009
Ridiculously low offer accepted on the Tooele house--no counter! And the house is vacant which means NO LIVING WITH MY PARENTS and moving twice!! (Can you say, stars are beginning to align?)May 6-9, 2009
Trip to Disneyland!!

Eric at the Mad Hatter--being TEN!!!

May 15, 2009 Inspection of the Tooele house. Roof needs replaced shingles and repaired board in the attic. Some other items require repair. Ask owners for money--they reduce the price another $6,500 for needed repairs. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE MONEY ON THIS DEAL!! (Can you say, stars are nearly aligned?)
May 17, 2009
Teach Sharing Time in Primary for the last time--I will miss those folks! Be released in Sacrament Meeting
May 18, 2009
Sell my piano--hope you enjoy it Steph!!
May 20, 2009
Closing on both houses
May 22, 2009
Moving day. A big thank you goes out to Thayn and Court for their help!! Also, thanks to Steph for watching Luke most of the day! And to Shannon's brothers who saved us, especially on the Tooele end. When I said good-bye to Lizzie I cried so hard. I know that what she is doing by staying and living with Dave's folks is the right thing for her--and a great opportunity to launch out on her own. I know that! But it also hit me like a ton of bricks on an already emotional day that things will never quite be the same. We have turned a corner to begin anew--fresh (and a bit frightening) for both of us. I am excited and happy for her. My new nest has an empty spot, though. I know that we will be forever close, but I will miss not having her with me every day. Ugh!! Change!
Here is where I determined the stars to be perfectly aligned. The neighbors across the street came over while we were still moving with a plate of Rice Krispie squares. They have two sons, so much like Eric and the same age. On the east of us, two boys about Eric's age. I looked up while talking with the parents to see Eric doing just as I dreamed--playing, talking and laughing with these four boys. By the time they left, Eric had a note from one of them that said, "Eric is awesome!" And I KNEW that we were in the right place.
We were so exhausted that Shannon slept in the basement on the extra sofa, Eric in a sleeping bag in the hallway upstairs (because his room was too full of stuff to even walk into it), and I slept on the living room sofa in my clothes squished in between two other sofas. Luke was the only one who spent the night in his bed in his bedroom! And so begins the saga of our new lives in our new home! How blessed I feel to be led here!


  1. Sue, I am SO thankful that you posted this! I really had NO idea that anything was even going on with the idea of you moving! I cannot tell you how happy I am for Eric and his new friends!!!! I love you and I miss you like crazy! I hope we can talk soon. Beware, I probally will cry.

  2. Hey girl. The house is gorgeous. And of course the piano is being well used. I miss you. And Izzy asks about luke everytime we walk by your old house. Love to see ya when you are in town. The kids could play.


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