The Other Side of the Camera

Lizzie has always had her own sense of style. If you ask her about a childhood memory she will always say, "Oh, I know what I was wearing when that happened!" She loves fashion--shopping for it, drawing it, mixing it (but not matching it), and wearing it--but mostly she loves fashion for the visual creativity it offers. Interestingly, this whole modeling gig is more for the experience with what happens behind the camera rather than in front of it. But she received raves about her "naturalness" from the crew.

Here are a few of her beautiful portfolio pictures that she just got back. She looks so much like her dad--those eyes! And has come such a long way from her "Heidi" braids on top of her head with her boy basketball shorts! I love my Ziz!!


  1. she is beautiful!!

  2. they are ALL AMAZING!!!!! Man, I wish I were GEORGEOUS like her!
    I want to see pictures of your house....do share...pretty please!!!!!

  3. how awesome. they are gorgeous.


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