FIFTH grade!!

First day at Excelsior Academy in Tooele. First time back to traditional school for three years.

He wanted to get a shot of his backpack.

And his docket with lunch check.

Yes--#5 for FIFTH grade!!! (I got a little loopy one day and ordered vinyl #'s for the doors in our house. Single digits for the downstairs, and double for the upstairs--like an apartment building. Weird, I know, but it makes giving directions to the bathrooms easier--I just announce the assigned room numbers. And Eric got #27, his birthdate.)

By the way, he styles his own hair. Here are the instructions for how to get this Spockish look . . .

1. Wet hair thoroughly; don't worry if you soak your clothing in the process.
2. Use palm of hand to press hair firmly to head, making certain to press toward the forehead.3. If hair is standing at the crown and pops back up, just ignore.
4. Wash only when yelled at by parent, but not necessarily every time you take a bath. (???)

We were also in such a hurry this first day of school, as he is SOOO not used to waking up early, that I couldn't take time for decent pictures.

Now, on to how I coped with this day. Some might think that sending him off to school after homeschooling for three years might be a welcome retreat. This would make sense. But I found myself really sad and weepy all day. I was excited for him and his adventure, but missed him and our time together something terrible. Lizzie came and spent the night to see him off and back home on his first day. So it is not like I wasn't distracted and busy. Plus, my little Luke got lots of attention. But . . . I MISS HIM!! How do mothers get used to their little ones being gone? I don't think I will ever send Luke to school. Maybe it is because my children are so far apart in age and I have essentially spent time with them each as only children. At least Eric seems happy and is adjusting well. Keep your fingers crossed--for both of us!!

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  1. I'mm tellin' ya! The next Apple-type thing will come from Eric.

    I love the Spock look. So much!


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