Pass the Piggies

Hmmmm . . . I wonder what's inside?

Oh, it's a pair of little piggies.

With instructions to play. And, yes, this game really works! I love these little guys. And making them was a cinch.

These bibs are also a cinch. What is it with me and owls and pigs lately? Okay, the robot was Luke's choice.

Hmmmm . . . and a little BEHIND the scene view into gifts for my nieces.

Yes . . . a little pink bunny for Cassidy and a purple and pink giraffe as requested by Maya. I decided to throw in a fuzzy, soft scarf for the giraffe and am considering leg warmers for the bunny. What do you think?

Finally, a ring stacker toy, complete with frog/lily pad peg, dragonfly, ladybug and bee. I like it, but I wish the bee was done in a brighter yellow.

That's all for now. I have also been working on some UFO's but am struggling to actually finish them. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS. I can't even begin to describe the anxiety about November's boutique. Too many partially completed projects, too many ideas, and too many things I hope will sell but not enough time to make them all. Not to mention that there are too many little goodies I am not certain I want to part with. My dear hubby keeps reminding me I can make more, but the question is . . . will I?
Ohhhhhh, but I can hardly wait to begin work on my next little creature. Only Andrea knows what it is!! Tee, hee, hee!!


  1. Love, love LOVE all your cute stuff and can't wait for details about the boutique! I consider myself fairly crafty, but crocheting is totally out of my league. You ROCK!

  2. OH, YES to the leg warmer idea!

    I love this stuff and I am dying to have the knowlegde to do this! I better get myself to the library and start trying out some stuff!

    I agree with Andrea, you ROCK!

  3. I can't wait for your boutique!!!! I will be the first in line for sure! You are waaay too talented for words! You had better put one of those bibs aside just so I can buy it!:)

  4. Wow Susan, you are sooo talented. I love the ring stacker, would love to buy one when you get going :). Awesome!!

  5. I am going to the library to look for that book!!! I want to make that monkey SO BAD!!!

  6. your so good at that i can't believe the things you come up with to make


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