One Year--Done and Not Done

How absolutely crazy that it has been one year since we moved into our new house.  What a whirlwind!  Where did the time go?  I can hardly believe how many things I did and how many things I did NOT! 

NOT DONE . . .
Watching TV
Painting the upstairs
Fencing the yard (and a bazillion other household improvements)
Potty training Luke--but at least he will do his business occasionally (when adequately bribed with the treats from the potty basket)
Learning to knit

DONE . . .
Enjoyed dinner with many new friends
Walked to the park--the best time is during baseball games, when we get hot dogs for dinner
Taken walks around the block--sometimes unaccompanied by anyone over three-hence the fence
Painted the entire downstairs--oh, it makes me so happy and feels so much more ME
Flooded the laundry room (went through all three levels of the house)
Flooded the basement twice
Replaced the water heater (see above)
Shovelled a ton of snow
Played water games with the neighbor kids--Luke loves that powerwash setting, thus Eric and friends must use the sled as a shield
Served in the church
Explored the library and storytime at The Purple Cow
Began and ended Eric's first year back at school since 1st grade
Sold lots of hand-sewn items at Karen's boutique
Read books as a family
Groomed Mr. Darcy
Helped a dear friend through the death of her mother
Served a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner
Acquired some lovely treasures from DI and yard sales
Re-landscaped the front yard
Learned a lot about patience, meekness and obedience
Tried to adjust to the heartache of missing having my Lizzie here all the time
Rejoiced that my Lizzie was so strong, capable and independent
Gained weight
Lost weight
Gained weight . . . hmmmm
Put braces on Eric's teeth
Had braces taken off Eric's teeth
Had surgery on Eric's mouth
Became a County Delegate and participated at the County Convention
Spoke in church
Wrote in a journal--this is BIG for me
Loved my little family
Adored my husband
Reaffirmed that my life is full, abundant and blessed

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  1. I love that what you HAVE done is a much longer list than what you have not done! You are always SO optimistic! I love that about you! You go, girl!

    One other thing that you HAVE done: taught friends about the exciting world of shopping the D.I.! I am totally hooked!


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