I finally did it! I learned to knit!  Yes, after settting the goal over two years ago, I finally sat down and learned last week.  I can't do much--nothing to take pictures of yet--but I can cast on, knit, purl, increase, decrease, and bind-off. WAHOO!!  I taught myself from some YouTube videos and a book I found at a yard sale.  My first project . . .either some awesome wool "snow day" gauntlets found here.  Or . . . what else, a ribbed skarf.  Very simple.  Very easy.  Hopefully not too frustrating. I am soooo excited to learn how to cable!  That is one thing that is so hard to duplicate in crochet--way too bulky and not so attractive.  I also need lots of practice learning how to repair mistakes without frogging the entire thing.  Unknitting--that's what I need to master.  Oh, the beautiful knitted things I long to create.

So what now?  I NEED MORE YARN!!  Mr. Carlson is gonna love that!

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  1. WHAT?!?! You are awesome! I am still just going with knitting and purling! You need to open an exclusive yarn shop, girl! Exculsive hours and location!! FOR REALS!! I can't wait to see!!!


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