Halloween as a Flu-Bug

Both Eric and Luke were sick for Halloween this year.  Eric came down with a fever two days before and missed some interesting days of school. 

1st day missed:  Greek Culminating Activity--wearing togas, doing Olympic events and having a symposium. 
2nd day missed:  Character Day--wearing a costume from a character out of a book--Sherlock Holmes.

Eric is not a huge fan of school--understatement.  But he was actually a little melancholy that he did not get to attend these days.  I took over treats/food and sadly wished he were there.  

Then Luke came down with a hideous fever that left him, like Eric, sleeping on the sofa and saying, "Ouchy" every time we moved him.  Not happy campers.  

So by Halloween, Eric managed to get himself going enough to put on his Sherlock costume and head out with me to the trunk or treat at the church.  

At least he got to wear his costume for an hour.  Luke never even put on Buzz Lightyear. I'm not certain he realizes he missed the holiday, though. 

One good thing--I spent $6 on Eric's costume and pulled Luke's out of storage.   Hopefully next year the flu bug flies over our house, or at least doesn't show up until the day after!

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  1. LOVE Eric's costume! I am so sorry they both got sick! I hope that they both are feeling better SOON!


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