::I Met Her!!::

It's official.  I met her.  Yup.  Stephanie Nielson of http://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/ and her adorable hubby, Christian--better known as Mr. Nielson.  They came to the U of U Burn Unit to visit my nephew, Jace (see post below), and stayed to chat for over an hour.  What amazingly, inspiring people.  They were funny, kind, generous, genuine and humble.  They talked with Jace.  They talked with Lori.  They listened and comforted and inspired.  They were adorable.  And so in love with each other.  What truly beautiful people that share their testimony through sharing their daily lives with the world.  

Before they left, Lori pulled out her camera for some pictures.  When it came to my turn in front of the camera, we stood with arms around backs while the nurse took a shot.  While posing Stephanie said, "I think my hand is on your bum.  Sorry."  Adorable, I tell ya!

Since Stephanie had spent nearly three months there and knew the staff well, they chatted with the nurses for another half hour after seeing Jace. Good people.  Very good people. Very good, beautiful people.  A blessing to have met them.


  1. Sue. You are wonderful! What a wonderful aunt you are. I have been thinking about you! And I have been thinking about your nephew.

    I am thrilled that you got to meet Nie-Nie! How inspirational!

  2. Fun to hear this story again. That is So cool that you met them. What inspiring, amazing people!


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