Perched precariously on the arm of the sofa, my 5 year old boy in his tighty whities swings his arms above his head, leaps off the edge aiming for the adjacent sofa and yells, "Trabonabo!"  

It took me a minute to figure out what he was trying to say--yes, Geronimo is what he meant.  And then came the question to my mind . . . why do people jumping from the side of a pool, out of an airplane, or off the edge of anything yell that?  

Wiki research tells me it is an exclamation of "no fear" particularly related to folks leaping out of airplanes.

I have taken a fun little leap.  Not one that is dangerous or risky--one that I have been contemplating for some time now.  I have opened an Etsy shop to share my love of all things colorful and yarny and buttony and vintagey and kitschy with the world.  

Additionally, my little family has taken another leap. This one 
 a bit more risky. I am still trying to show "no fear".  My hubby has said that, "Faith is the exact same as fear--just in the opposite direction."  So faith is the direction I am choosing! I am hopeful. I am excited. I am optimistic. I won't reveal all of the details, yet.  But one day, I will.  So for now . . .


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