::Peaceful Purple Kind of Day::

So here's a little peek at one of the many other UFO's I have underway. A peaceful purple, barnacle-like, fiber art wall hanging. I have a neutral colored one in the shop--same frame but painted a matte silver. I couldn't resist this color, though.  I have a little thing for purple lately. Ha! Ha! That actually sounded funny in my head. I have a little thing for a little different color, every day of the week.

They say that purple is a color of peace and healing. My hubby would say, "Who are 'they' and why do 'they' talk so much?" But I like it so far.  I still haven't figured out how I want to arrange them.  By size?  Or by shade?  Opinion?

I am actually excited to get this one done. I love that the little cups are done completely on the fly without a plan or size or shape or layout before I begin. Pretty relaxing!  

I hope your day is soothing and purple! This happy, Springy wall hanging will go in the shop today. Ooooh, I love the buttons!  

I'm off to take my exuberant five-year-old to the local candy shop Sweet Lizzie's!  


  1. I deleted my comment b/c i found the finished purple project and it turned out beautifully!

    1. Lol! Thanks! I was pretty pleased, too! It's fun playing with little shapes and lots of color :-)


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