::Buckets of Happy::

Did I ever tell you that crocheting makes me happy?  Yep. Add color. Add more happy. Add wool. Add even more happy. Add new, somewhat challenging pattern. Add buckets of happy. That's what I've been doing as of late.

But let me regress a bit. Earlier I told you about my new design that I have been working on. 

It's pretty. I like it. But it had some problems that I had to work out first. Like it was a bit floppy. And the spaces between flowers were a bit too large for what I was going for. And then there was the problem with joining the flowers. Every time I joined the points of the flowers, which should curl under a bit to create a puff, they actually splayed out. This bothered me. A lot.

So...back to the drawing board. Well, not really. Just about seven different scribbled pages of pattern trials using the same basic pattern I had initially designed. 

And I think I finally have it. Nice, compact, puffy flowers, form one soft, snuggly blankie! Go, Sue! Go, Sue!

I am VERY happy with the way they join, although it is very fiddly, but oh, so neat and tidy. See... 

I FINALLY figured out how to get the ends to stay puffy when joining-as-you-go--many, many trials, I tell ya! And I love that the flowers look as incredible from the back as the front.

AND I am thrilled that I have four rows complete. 

AND I love that it is made of soft WASHABLE wool. 

8 more rows...just keep yarning, just keep yarning. You know, I just can't stop yarning! (LOL! Get it?)

Finally, I really need a name for this one. Please comment here or on my Facebook page and give me some feedback. I have completely drawn a blank on this one.

Happy, happy hooking and a hug!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this, and would love to make one for my grand baby! You are so incredibly talented, Susan! I love to crochet, but always follow patterns, I have never made them up myself! You need to put together a book of your designs. In the meantime, if you would share this one with me, I would be so so happy!


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