::It's Raining Wool!::

I went to the yarn store last week to pick up a single--repeat, SINGLE--skein of yarn to finish my Pointillism Posie and decided to use the customer scanner to see if it was on sale. Rather than the expected price of $5.97, it beeped at $1.48. 

Okay. Breathe, Sue. Just, breathe. 

Control. Grab a couple of other colors.  Scan.  $1.48. Breathe. Control breathing. Slowly--in and out. 

So now what?  I ask myself, "How can I just leave this amazing felting, and superwash, and bamboo wool sitting in the lonely bin?" I grab a small hand basket. Full. Calculate price. 

Another hand basket. Fill it up, too. Calculate price. Steady...

A third hand basket. Fill it up, also. Try not to hyperventilate. Now the ladies in the store are whispering about me. Balance three grey skeins and even one black on top. Look casual as I stroll to the front of the store.

I took it all! Oh, dear me!  

Calculate price of 54 wonderful, colorful, wooly, yarny balls of happiness...


Oh, I am dreaming in color! My mind is doing a happy dance of ideas! Can you believe my good fortune?!!

BTW, this little baby is FINISHED!! I will complete the final details of the pattern and have it in the shop by Monday or Tuesday. Until then, happy hooking! I am off to nurse my two boys back to health--they seem to have picked up the mumbo gumbo somewhere.


  1. I would have totally done the same thing -- really how cool is a yarn sale -- it makes me happy!

  2. I would have done the same thing. what a bargain!

  3. Wow - it is really true...Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy yarn which makes people like you and me definitely happy :)

    Awesome colors, would love to have a go in that shop! Waiting to see what color riot you have planned for it!!

    1. Haha!!Yarn does make me extraordinarily happy! I love that you called it a color riot. That describes me and my fixation with color very well!


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