::Milk Glass Lamp with Granny Shade::

Waiting...waiting...waiting...this little treasure is just waiting for me to get on the ball and redecorate my bedroom! 

I found this lamp at the thrift store (Deseret Industries) for a mere $5. It was a sad little lamp with an ugly orange-brown wood finish and no shade. The drum shade was another find on another day and I quickly made a granny square cover using my stash.

I love the happy bright colors and even though the shade doesn't fit well, I decided to introduce the two. A blind date of sorts. Kind-of like two people that meet and don't seem well suited, may not look like the perfect couple together, but you overlook the flaws and "misfittedness" of them. A little pink paint over the dismal brown, white spray paint over the brass...and I like it! Actually, I love it! Maybe, just maybe, I'll buy a shorter harp. Maybe not.

Will my bedroom project ever occur? Sadly, I have lived in this house for over three years, and it has not occurred yet. But the bedding is purchased, paint color selected, and sitting chair nearly ready! Oh, I plan for it to be a little bit of heaven.

Let's "get 'er done!"

By the way, the love of my life actually said he doesn't mind a pink bedroom! Pretty terrific guy I married, huh?!


  1. my husband would NOT let me have a pink room ... you are tres lucky!

    Love the lamp - absolutley love it!

    Kate xxx

  2. Ah, you know I love the lamp! Love, love milk glass. And that sweet husband is a keeper. I could have never put my husband in a pink bedroom. Before you paint that pink bedroom, you have to come help your "old" friend do some painting. . .Love the blog and love the cuteness you share. Hugs, Karie


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