::Mounds of Alpaca::

I have a sweet neighbor friend, Heather, who owns alpacas. So...guess what that means?! Yep. Tons of beautiful, soft, natural, yarn that she has spun at Spinderellas

While at her house the other day, she hands me this huge mound of yarn and says, "Do something with this." Happily. Very happily.

But now the question...WHAT???? Suggestions? Here are some of my initial thoughts, but I need help.

I have considered something snuggly for against the skin like a cabled cowl--I do love cowls. The creamy color could be dyed something bright and yummy--but color choice? And then what?

Warning--my hang-up. I really resist making crocheted clothing, beyond accessories. Why? I don't really know, but maybe it is that styles change and I just can't cope with the idea of something that takes that much love and time to go out of "style" and find its way to the bottom of a pile of acrylic sweaters in a thrift store donation bag. Every time I see the counted cross stitch with geese or swans in dusty blue and rose at my local thrift store (the D.I.)I want to save it from imminent disposal. You see? And then there is the issue of ease and fit. That whole topic causes me angst, too, particularly as my aging body seems to be changing shape each month. Drat on that.

So... what to do, what to do? Hmmmm. Help.

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