::Lamp A or Lamp B::

I have two lamps. Let me introduce you...

Lamp A::

Lamp B::

-Lamp A was a thrift store find for under 5 bucks. 
-Lamp B was a yard sale find for 5 bucks even.

-Lamp A is so odd, and vintage, and almost ugly in a pretty way--which makes me like it all the better.
-Lamp B is brand new, very clean and uber-modern--which makes me like it all the better.

1 Granny Square Shade::

Oh, so unusual--never seen anything like it--which makes me like it all the better!

Oh, so fresh and clean looking--an odd pair--which makes me like it all the better!

Which lamp would you choose? And why? 


By the way, I am waiting for some more yarn via UPS so I can finish my newest pattern. I'm giddy about this one! 

And hop in my Felted Button shop today for some new items--namely this one! Coolest Melmac bowl ever! It's going to be hard to part with.

This funky little,cross-body bag should get in the shop today, too! I really love the strap made from the ribbing of an old felted sweater!

Have a terrifical, peaceful and productive day!


  1. My vote is Lamp B. Not because where you bought it ;-) but because I think it showcases the shade better.

  2. I love that vintage base but I would go with lamp B just because I think it looks better with the shade.


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