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Meet Revlie. An artist from the Netherlands with an awesome array of talents. A fellow bloggerEtsian and one of those blessed people that seems to do everything creative--


The crochet patterns (ipod sleeve, granny blankie, etc.)are in her shop--smarty pants does them in both Dutch and English! (Phew, although my dad speaks Dutch I don't know that he would be able to translate crochet jargon for me!)


Wonderful, colorful, textured, mixed media...

You can actually watch the amazing process of how she makes these works of art on this video on her blog.

Beautiful mini-albums...

This is what she has to say about encouraging the creative process for all:

i so love to teach other people that they can TOO be creative. i get this a lot: "yes, YOU can make that, because you are very creative, but i'm not...". seriously peeps. STOP saying that. i'm NOT more creative than anybody else on this world. i simply nurture my creativity. i feed it. i embrace it. everybody is creative in it's own unique way. you just HAVE TO LET GO of the feeling to be perfect (what's perfect anyway?) and GIVE yourself the beauty of creating. trust me, it's so worth it. let go of those negative feelings. just start and let the flow of creating brings you places. it really is such a wonderful way of living.

Clever, gal, I tell ya! 

Now I am off to make this free crochet pattern that she posted on her blog.


Is that not the cutest hat on the cutest little girl, ever!? 

Wait until you see how amazingly detailed the pattern is. Can't wait! I promise to show pics of the finished hat if Revlie will share pics of her Pointillism Posie Blanket when she gets it finished! (Please, pretty please!)


  1. Hi Susan,
    I'm visiting your blog, and I'm loving it.
    So colourful, it makes me feel good with so many colours.
    I'm from Portugal, and following you now, very near from so far away.
    Carla Pereira

  2. Carla,
    So happy you found me! Isn't the world so much smaller now--how wonderful to meet new people and make acquaintance!


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