::Mandala Bike Seat Cover::

Remember this? My mandala...

...turned into a stool cover? Well, I have brainstormed several ideas for uses for these beautiful things:

-pillow cover--either sewn on a square pillow front or used to completely encase a round pillow using another mandala or crocheted circle for the back or even a felted sweater back
-wall hanging--like inside an embroidery hoop or picture frame
-charger or placemat
-centerpiece--on a table

Remember this one?! My amazing tester, Lianne made this one. What a dear person, as she worked on it during a very trying time in her life. When she finished, she was a bit uncertain what to do with it. Wanna see what that brilliant girl came up with?

Is that not the most adorable idea ever?! The ties are so cute! I had someone say it was too cute to put your bum on! I disagree! And now she can ride more comfortably on her stylin' bike!

If you would like to check out her whole range of talents, Lianne has an Etsy shop called Bertha's Bizarre Bazaar

I have four new patterns now on my hook. I seriously need my ADHD to take a break and let me finish just one thing! That's all I ask. Just one thing. Focus, Sue. Focus. You can do it. 

What was I saying? Oh, yes. Focus.

I have a goal of writing and photographing one of them today! Come back to see the Ta-Dah! (I wish I knew which one of the four it is going to be!)


{QUESTION}--What's your favorite thing to eat on a cold day? (Mine is taco soup in the crock pot. And cornbread with honey butter.)

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  1. Awww, Thanks, you really are too kind!
    You know I so enjoyed testing this pattern for you and i definitely need to make some more!
    I think the first cab off the rank will be one in a rainbow colour scheme in honour of my Mum.
    I haven't used a pattern in Sooooooooo long and it's really great to have found a new friend by diving into something I've never done before (pattern testing)and also to have discovered the joy of following a really well-written pattern!
    One of my favourite things about crocheting is the way we inspire each other and fire up our fellow crafters' imaginations!

    In response to the question you pose-i've never tried taco soup but it sounds pretty great! I do love a good lasagne soup, or a good bacon-y lentil soup

    1. I love that riding your bike reminds you of your Mum--especially since she bought you the new saddle! Do you think we could collaborate on editing the mandala pattern to include the bike seat cover? I totally agree about the sharing inspiration thing--so cool to see what folks can do! If you want the taco soup recipe--I'll send it your way! Super easy--my favorite way of cooking!

  2. I love this idea, Susan! I saw you had just linked it up today and I made a mistake - the party was supposed to close this morning. So, if you don't mind, I'd love to have you link it up again for this week! http://bit.ly/RuDBpC

    1. Thanks, Sara! I'll link up to the new week! I should have noticed!

  3. What a cute idea. I love the bike seat cover. . clever. I have got to make one of these. It is on my "to do list". Miss you friend. Hope all is well. We need to get together and do some serious crocheting. Holidays are just around the corner. I need some great crochet ideas. Oh, by the way I will be over for dinner. Taco soup, one of my favorites, not to mention yummy cornbread. Hugs, Karie

  4. Pretty cover patterns! :) I am your new and 50 th follower!:)

    1. Welcome!! Happy to have you here!!


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