::Ombre String Cowl Ta-Dah::

What is it? Well....

Can you tell now? I'm calling it the Ombre String Cowl.

I'm really loving the color effect. And I've already told you why I like cowls so much--that whole staying in place thing. Plus, this one is so lightweight it doesn't feel restricting or heavy on the neck. Just cozy and comfy.

Pretty pleased with it, I must say. It was one of those creations that came in the middle of the night--oh, my poor noisy brain.

Now I want to try making one in shades of neutrals--like black, charcoal, gray, cream and white. That would be great for a guy, too. I wonder what it would look like worked up in a rainbow--no ombre effect but still stripy fun! Hmmmm. Now I'm going to have raid the stash and try a variation or two.

I'm still working away on three other patterns. My little swirls pattern has changed quite dramatically and I'm hoping it was a good change. I'll show you soon.

You can find the cowl pattern in the regular places--Craftsy, Ravelry and Etsy.

Oh, and my dear friend, Katie discovered upon the most awesome find at the thrift store yesterday! Silly girl bought it for me and dropped it off at my house. I'll take photos and share next time! It's a winner!

{QUESTION}--When does your creative brain work best? Morning or night?

{SUE'S ANSWER}--Morning for getting the mundane, regular kind of stuff done. Middle of the stinkin' night for creative juices--usually enough to awaken me from sleep and prevent me from drifting off again! Ugh.


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  1. Your cowl is stunning!!!!!
    My brain works better during the night, while in the morning I have to do what I thought during the night!!!
    happy weekend, xxx Alessandra

  2. I like it!! Thank you for inspiration!
    Have a nice day;)

  3. Very cute. I love it. I know how it is to have brain working during the night. Hgh! By the time morning comes I am exhausted. Love ya my friend, Hugs, Karie


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