::Pom Poms & Wreaths::

I hope your Christmas holiday was superb. Mine was. Lots of family, food and fun. What an abundant life! Sheer abundance, I tell ya! 

One of the things I asked for was yarn. So my gift from my dear hubby is a trip to the post-Christmas local yarn sale. I'm off there to buy some luxurious yarn--the colors are clearly pictured in my mind. Ooooh, I could squeal! And I get to shop with my dear friend, Karie. I'll show your my yarn finds when I return.

In the meantime, take a peek at some colorful, pom-pom yarny creations I made a bit ago--all wreaths.

This sweet little one is
in my shop. I love the little paper bunting with baker's twine. And it must have buttons, of course!

Pom-poms are so fun to make. And they are great stash busters. I remember learning in grade school where we used the cardboard rings. I went straight home and made a dozen more. They are so happy and fluffy and yarny and colorful and addictive. I used this little gadget to make mine--very simple. 
There is actually a video tutorial on how to use it here. Pretty cool, huh?

This wreath didn't use a pom, but that cool loopy flower in the center is fluffy like a pom. I got the pattern from this book

If you are considering a crocheted flower book--this should be it. Lots of flowers & leaves that can be simple and whimsical or dressy and formal. Totally recommend it. Another one that I love is--

I love this pom-pom wreath with the little hearts in the center. I got the pattern for the hearts somewhere on the web but can't remember where. Anyone know? And buttons, yet again. I'm so predicable!

Be well, my friends. Hugs to you.

{On the Board} -- Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.  --Leo Tolstoy


  1. Your wreaths are making me so happy!!!!!! love them!!!
    I agree with the quote of the day!!!!
    happy holidays Susan!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. Hi Susan, Your wreaths are so cute. I love pompoms too. You have just reminded me that I must add some in my next projects.
    Happy Holidays


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