::Little Bits of Yarn::

{Me} Hello. I'm Susan.
{Together} Hello, Susan.
{Me} I have a problem. I save yarn bits. Not long and useful bits like this...well, I save those, of course, too.

But I seem to have a problem--yes, a real problem--disposing of those little trimmed bits left after weaving in the ends.

Like these...

And these...

And these...

Well, and these, too...

Oh, and don't forget about these...

Well, and these...

The neighbors are beginning to talk about the crazy yarn lady, I'm certain. Please tell me that there is SOMEONE else out there who has this little "tendency". Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

I am embarrassed to say that I even found beauty in this little ball of felted ends that went through the wash in my pocket. Don't even ask about the ends to be found in my pockets! Shhhhh!

I'm working away on several patterns right now and I'll let you see them in all of their beauty shortly. One of them requires weaving in a ton of those blasted, beautiful ends. They'll find their way to a jar or container somewhere around my house, no doubt.

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                                        --Thomas S. Monson


  1. I like the lady in Facebook who has suggested leaving yarn ends in the bird table so they get woven into birds nests. Lovely idea! X

  2. That's what I do...the bird thing. I put them in one of my suet feeder baskets. It's fun to look around the trees and see all the bits of color!!

  3. Me too! I found this wonderful idea on Facebook I think.....make them into a bowl with glue, decopauge, or homemade paste.

  4. I saved the ends too ... I use them for stuffing amigurumi and such :)

  5. All wonderful ideas!! I'm going to try them all! I had someone on my Facebook page suggest putting all of your ends in a clear Christmas ball ornament to hang on your tree and remind you of your colorful year! Thanks for sharing!

  6. LOL! Could be worse things. You are just a colorful and collective lady. Hugs, Karie

  7. LOL! Don't worry; you're not alone. I have jars of little bitty ends all over the place. I've used them for amigurumi stuffing and inside glass Christmas ornaments, but they're still everywhere; I think they multiply! Join the TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch Along) over at itsdaffycat.blogspot.com and be proud of your ends!

  8. Me three. Thread, yarn and wool felt bits. I intend to use them on prayer flags.

  9. What about trying a bit of wet felting. These 'ends' would make a unique addition to a piece of handmade felted fabric. I love your idea of using pegs to keep all those 'too long to through away bits of yarn' tidy. May just have to pinch that one :)

  10. Hehe same habit here too! I saved the ones from my first big blanket in a see-through ball with a hanging eye. Always planned to hang a few of them in front of the window or something but it never came to that (I think my BF would not be pleased with the colour overload in those balls).

    Love, Kirsten

  11. hi group,
    When I have a large enough collection of them, I line them up in lines, then sew them onto a old sock. they are handy for sliding over hands to use as dusters. using a sewing machine the sock slides over the end so all you have to do is lay them down as u stitch. it doesn't matter if they are straight or looped up a bit.


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