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Tomorrow evening I get to pass along a little passion for crochet to some young women in my area. I tend to get a little over-excited when I start talking crochet. Hopefully I don't get too silly with them--I've been known to do that.

I spent a wee bit of time today thinking about what little project would be a good starter for them. 

Time -- we only have about an hour

Varying Levels -- I don't know that we'll get much past chaining. But if we do, and if we have some proficient or ambitious learners,I want to keep everyone interested and progressing.

Real Product -- I want an actual "something" they can take home besides a long string suitable merely for shoelaces.

Stitch complexity -- By learning to chain, single crochet and double crochet, you can get pretty far. I want something with enough interest and texture that they can see the possibilities of what they can do with different stitches but without strange stitch placements or unusual stitches that might cause confusion later if they try to finish at home.

So here is what I decided on
that meets the above criteria...a simple little cuff called the Touch of Warmth Cuff from Lion Brand. I'm bringing my rather large collection of cotton yarn in fun colors as I thought it would be nice and lightweight for Spring. It works up with a large hook (6.5mm) so it is easy for the brand new hooker--I find newbies tend to work a little tightly.

And the cuff closes with a BUTTON--can it get any better than that? I can see the girls working up something that really fits their personalities.

I'm quite excited to make more now. I might work up a few in stripes to show the girls, and maybe you, too! Wish me luck!

{On the Board} -- I'm not easily distracted. I...Hey, Look, Yarn!

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  1. The cuff is a great idea. Love the colors of your yarns. I love teaching crochet too!

  2. Thanks, Sangeetha! I looove teaching, too! And I hope I can spread the love to the girls with my enthusiasm!

  3. love the cuff - and the button!

    Nikki x


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