::Tickled Pink::

I've had a lot of "PINK" in my "THINK" lately! As those of you who have been here before might know, I am sort-of color crazed. And my favorite color changes almost daily--usually I can't tell you which is my most favorite. But for TODAY--it's pink.

Maybe it's because I finished my little bench yesterday! Remember this piece that I posted about here...

I'm done! And I'm quite pleased. This is the first time I have used a glaze--thanks Karie for helping me learn about how! I painted the bench white and then coated it with a soft pink glaze. It suits me so much better.

It might become my new photo prop station to replace my other mini white bench that I got at the thrift store, too. Remember this one...that's my Puffy Patch Quilt on it, by the way.

I'm off to the thrift store today--come on, just say it. I know you're thinking it. "AGAIN?" Yes. Again. It's one of the things my daughter and I love to do together. Looking for a desk for my son and any other little treasures I can rescue.

Like this vintage milk-glass bowl and stapler. 

 And I found this vintage needlepoint. It's so "grandma" and that's why I love it. It has a penciled message on the back about who made it and when it was made. I love that. It will go in my bedroom soon.

By the way, if you missed the picture on my Felted Button Facebook page I worked up a little cowl with some Lion Brand Amazing yarn and my Paintbrush pattern. I'm hoping I won't need it any more--at least until next fall. But I like it--very much!

The long color changes look super nifty, huh? 

I'm off! Have a terrifically, splendiferous day!

{On the Board} -- Those who move forward with a HAPPY SPIRIT will find that things always work out.                   --Gordon B. Hinckley

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  1. the bench looks amazing! did you do a lot of prep work before painting it? what kind of paint did you use? i have an old baby dresser that was my mom's, that has many layers of chipped paint on it. i've tried sanding it down, such a huge and never-ending task. thinking about just painting it and letting the (paint)chips fall where they may! any advice? thanks!

  2. Lori,
    Thanks! I just sanded it down--with a small hand sander and a foam one for the spindles. It is time-consuming but necessary to at least rough it up if you want the paint to stick. I used a satin rather than semi-gloss because that's what I had on hand. I am far from an expert in this department! I think the dresser with layers of paint chips could be fun--even distressing areas that might show different colors could be cool, but I like the shabby chic look. And it's less stressful! Good luck!

  3. Susan it turned out so so pretty!
    You are having way too much fun!!! :) Carry on! penny x


  5. Love your bench! I have a telephone bench to paint too. Been wanting to get going on it for a while. You've given me some motivation! LOVE your cowl too! It looks great in those colors and hummm, where did that great pattern come from???? lol

  6. I love how your bench came out!!! really nice!!!
    the cowl seems so soft.....!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  7. I love thrift shopping too. Hubby and I have our dates this way! That bench looks absolutely darling with the pink stain.


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