::Hook and Knobs::

Just a quick hop in to show you what's happening in my little Felted Button patch of the world.

--Hand is healing. Doctor gave me the go ahead to do pretty much whatever doesn't cause too much pain.

--Picked up some terrific knobs for some furniture projects--colorful and non-matching, of course. 

These are going on my whitewashed hutch. Can you seriously believe I found a bunch of colorful button knobs!!? I admit--I bought every last one the store had in stock. 

And these colored glass ones will eventually go on my dresser! They seriously make me gleeful!

--I just finished a hooky creation this morning. Photographs are taken. Pattern is being typed.

I like it's wiggly patchworky contrasting seams. It's not like anything I have seen before. Yes. I like unique.

I also like its texture and colors--which could bust a stash very well, I think. Especially my continually growing stash...


--I bought more yarn. This is just some of what I purchased. But who doesn't need a tad more cotton in delightful colors for Spring and Summer? Good reasoning, huh?

When I bought it I knew exactly what it was going to be. Now I've changed my mind. But it's lovely cotton, all the same.

{On the Board} --  

Source: etsy.com via Susan on Pinterest


  1. Oh, Susan, I just love the glass knobs and your latest creation is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work! xx

  2. oooooh those doorknobs are beautiful!!! You're very lucky to find them :) And they've been put to a good use I see haha!

    I'm with you on buying yarn for a project. Often when I buy it I have a project in mind... But when I come home it's sooo pretty sitting in my stash and with all the other colours combined, often I come up with other ideas!

    Love, Kirsten


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