::Summer Scurrying::

Summer is upon me and I have what feels like a bazillion projects with my home and family to complete. Needless to say, I'm scurrying around to make it all happen. (Anyone else feel like you wear one, or two, or three too many hats?!) But I needed to share this little blankie creation with you. It is finished and I'm hoping to get the pattern out to testers this week.

If you are interested in testing
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Soothing colors. Lots of interesting texture. Soft cotton. I'm pleased with it!

Some of it might look like stitches you have never seen before, but I assure you they are all the typical stitches. It is more a matter of a few slightly different stitch placements and lots of color play. I'm thinking an intermediate or ambitious beginner would be wildly successful with it!

Can you imagine it in coral, dark pink, light pink and orange? I might need to make another one!

And then there is this little design. Little windows of color that could be almost anything you wanted--rainbows, ombre variations like here, rows of single colors bordered by black. Even graphic black and white striped! I simply love designs that let you make it truly your own! It could be a scarf, table runner, blanket...

This was my first color play--fewer rows, different color play. Done like this it looks less like little windows, but still a fun effect.

I think mine will eventually be a baby blanket. (I've been a little blanket obsessed lately, huh?)

Off I go! Life is wonderful! I hope it is for you, too!

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