Love Notes Blanket Crochet Pattern Ta-Dah

Introducing...The Love Notes Blanket!!

When the idea for this blanket came to me, my brain immediately began to swirl with all of the cute things you could do with it...

...like add a paper clip...

...or slip stitch a message to your sweetheart...or Mom...or Dad...or favorite teacher...or best friend, or student, or roommate...or, well, anyone?

Wouldn't this be so perfect for a new baby with its birth date and name stitched in the upper corner? Or just the words, "I Love You". To me, this is such an easy-to-personalize gift. Or if you are like me and slightly school supply obsessed, than perfect as a gift for yourself!

You could simply stitch your favorite quote. I have a favorite saying that I share with my kids often from the book Love You Forever

It goes like this:
Love you forever,
Like you for always.
As long as I'm living,
My baby you'll be.

Now that would be so sweet.

The pattern is perfect for beginning crocheters and includes several pictures to help you. It also includes instructions and diagrams to help you make a baby size blanket or an adult size afghan. I refer to the baby blanket as "Wide-Ruled" and the adult afghan as "College-Ruled". Tee hee...I'm so silly!

I hope you like it as much as I do. Thank you to my testers Amanda, Aleana, and Mary! 

You can find the pattern in the usual places...

Have a splendiferous day! I'm off to take pictures of my Design Wars project and do some more crocheting on this lovely Fall day!!

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  1. Anonymous10/28/2013

    Very funny. Even more with the hole for the binder!!!

    1. Thanks! I thought the holes were cute, too.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. What a great teacher gift! Don't you love it when the idea in your head actually translates to the finished item? Great job!


    1. Thanks, Sheila! I think it would be perfect for a Teacher Appreciation gift, too!

  3. Slightly school obsessed? Woo-hooo - this is a humdinger of a project. I don't know whether to laugh or revel in it (can I do both?)

  4. beautiful happy idea!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  5. I love this - a brilliant idea :)

  6. Very creative idea!!

  7. This is one of the MOST awesome patterns!! I just love it!

  8. I L.O.V.E. this blanket. I am completely addicted to Staples & school supplies - and this needs to become mine. Soon.

    1. I love school supplies, too! Such good memories as a child shopping with my folks for all the little necessities for back to school! Plus, all the colors of notebooks and crayons and erasers and pencil boxes makes me happy!

  9. Both my sister and her husband are teachers, I think I just found their Christmas present!


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