A Minion Gift

I had a friend request a Minion from Despicable Me as a gift for her son. So this is what I've been working on lately. He's a cute little guy who must be up to something with that coy look on his face.

Admittedly, I haven't been part of the Minion Mania lately, however, I can't deny that these guys are pretty adorable! I got the pattern
here...but I made some modifications as I went. I decided not to do fingers, because they just didn't look right proportionally on mine since I also made him a titch shorter. I added brown safety eyes which I like for their ease and security. I also opted for the coy little embroidered mouth instead of the wide open grin as I didn't want to make mine out of felt which requires gluing.

One thing I love is that he has removable goggles--and wee eyelids for a little expression. His overalls also come off, but his feet come with it!

 A little stitching around his overalls adds cute detail, too. I didn't put the little "G" symbol on his overalls pocket, either. Hopefully my friend's little guy likes him. He is by far the largest amigurumi I have ever made!!

He's looking a little hungry! Me, too! So off I go to find a little munchie!

I can hardly wait to show you my Design Wars 5 project--big reveal in the newsletter on Wednesday. You can see all 10 of the final designs before they show up on the Design Wars blog by subscribing to the newsletter. Go here.

Here's another little sneak peek of my DW5 design...

Any guesses?

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  1. Anonymous11/13/2013

    He is sooooo cute! How tall is he?

    1. Thanks! He is about 15 inches tall, I'm guessing. He is a really big amigurumi to me!

  2. Could you share your minion pattern? I have made big ones but i want to make smaller ones. Thanks

    1. The pattern that I used is linked above in the post. It is actually a very large minion (amigurumi) in my opinion--about 15 inches tall!


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