Coming Home Blanket Crochet Pattern

Whether you are bringing a little newborn home, reminding a sick loved-one of the comforts of home, or welcoming someone to their new home--the Coming Home Blanket is just the gift.

Coming Home Blanket crochet pattern by Susan Carlson (Felted Button)

Look closely...can you see the wee little houses alternating with trees down the street? See here...

Coming Home Blanket crochet pattern by Felted Button (Susan Carlson)

Maybe this will help visually...

Coming Home Blanket by Felted Button --crochet pattern

Coming Home Blanket by Felted Button -- crochet pattern

Inspired by this amazing tree-lined road that leads to my childhood home, the Coming Home blanket brings out the sentimental in me! Who, me??!! 

Coming Home Blanket by Felted Button -- crochet pattern

Made with baby/sport/DK weight (3) yarn it works up very quickly to make a totally unique little blanket. Sweet and sentimental. Yep, like I said, sentimental.

And in typical Felted Button fashion, lots of color possibilities exist. I'm thinking this could be a terrific stash-buster. Imagine every row of trees and houses in a different color.  

Look at what Sarah (a fabulous tester of this pattern) from Sarahmade Creations did with her colors. I love them!

Coming Home Blanket by Felted Button (Photo courtesy of Sarahmade Creations)

And take a look at what Sandra of Beautiful Boardwalk did with hers...

Coming Home Blanket by Felted Button (Photo courtesy of Sandra of Beautiful Boardwalk)

Coming Home Blanket by Felted Button (Photo courtesy of Sandra of Beautiful Boardwalk)

Coming Home Blanket by Felted Button (Photo courtesy of Sandra of Beautiful Boardwalk)

Want to make it larger--or any size? Easy to do with the multiples instructions included. Rated as easy, I provide lots of help with different stitches, too. 

You can find the pattern in my shops:

Happy Hooking, my lovelies!!

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  1. Oh, I love this! The trees and houses are genius, and look fab!

  2. Replies
    1. Why, thank you, Bailey! It was such fun to create!

  3. Anonymous6/06/2014

    What an amazing idea!

  4. Thank you! (Love your blog, by the way!)

  5. Beautiful! Lovely idea! Love all pics too! Thanks for sharing! Would love to have you visit my blog sometime :)
    Hope you have a wonderful rest of week!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  6. amazing blanket!!

  7. Such a nice blanket! It will look great in any colour combination.

  8. I'm really struggling with slip stitching 'down the road'. I don't know if it's because of pulling through from the other side, or I just can't slip stitch evenly. Is there another option? Sewing vs. crochet? I've really enjoyed every other aspect of this blanket.

    1. I'm happy to hear you have enjoyed the pattern thus far. I think just a running stitch along the road would be fabulous. Use a long piece of the yarn and your needle and just work up and down between stitches. It would look great on both sides, too. If you have any more questions, please feel free to PM me on Facebook at facebook.com/feltedbutton

  9. Thanks, Susan. I realized the reason I had trouble was because I must have made numerous mistakes with the front and back loop of the street, causing my slip stitches to go crooked. Finished it up, and it still looks great to other people--my mistakes are noticeable to me!


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