Nature's Gifts Book Review

I love leafing through crochet books and dreaming of all the pretty and unique things I could make, who I would make them for, and especially in what COLORS I would make them. How about you?

I have recently received a fun crochet book by the talented Sara Leighton of Illuminate Crochet. It's called Nature's Gifts for Baby and you can find it here.

Nature's Gifts for Baby by Sara Leighton

There are 7 gift sets for baby, all including a hat and matching blanket. As you know--I looove making blankets, so this is right down my alley!

Sunrise Set Crochet Pattern by Sara Leighton of Illuminate Crochet

But here are some things about this book that really excite me...

~~Six of the 7 projects in this book are rated as Easy which makes them perfect for working up quickly--ideal for gifting.
~~There are some fun techniques used like charted crochet in the Seedling Set...

Seedling Set Crochet Pattern by Sara Leighton of Illuminate Crochet

...surface slip stitch like in the Starry Set...

Starry Set Crochet Pattern by Sara Leighton of Illuminate Crochet

...and appliques like in the Water Lilies Set.

Water Lilies Set Crochet Pattern by Sara Leighton of Illuminate Crochet

~~Throughout each pattern little video camera icons alert you to available videos for additional help if you need it (and if you love that extra visual like I do.)
~~The book will lay flat when you are working. This may seem like a small thing, but I really like that I can lay it next to me and read the pattern easily without needing to prop it open.

Again, you can find the book for purchase from Leisure Arts here.

I have been following Sara's blog for a while now and I really enjoy reading her posts. She provides lots of interesting little tid bits about all things crochet, knit and yarny. 

Sara Leighton of Illuminate Crochet

I hope life is treating you well and you are enjoying plenty of time playing with your hook and yarn! I'm off now to do just that kind of playing.

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