Can You Hear the Song of the Sea?

Introducing the SEA SONG BLANKET!!

Sea Song Blanket Crochet Pattern by Felted Button

Ohhhh...the colors, the texture, the waves!!! This one makes me pretty gleeful! I've never seen anything like it--well, except inside my head! ;)

Sea Song Blanket Crochet Pattern by Felted Button

The sample shown is a baby blanket, but


Do You Want to Be a Mermaid?

When my daughter was little she dreamed of being a mermaid and becoming "part of that world". With lots of sparkle, jewel-tones of the sea, and fin-like texture the Mermaid Me Blanket can bring your little one's imagination to life! Worked in simple motifs and then joined-as-you-go, constructing the tail is very easy. The sparkly fringe is crocheted right along with the border to make it even simpler. Lots of pictures, diagrams and special notes will help you make a mermaid tail blanket that will transform you little loved one into a sparkly mermaid and be treasured for years to come.

Mermaid Me Blanket -- Crochet Pattern


Puzzle Patch Blanket Crochet Pattern

When I was a kid I loved doing puzzles, so when I came up with the squares for this blanket, I was tickled at how many options there are for "puzzling" it together.

Puzzle Patch Blanket crochet pattern

Thus, the PUZZLE PATCH BLANKET was born!! If you have ever done any quilting with half triangle patches, you will know how versatile this square is. The sample above is the arrangement I chose because it was unusual, but here are just a few others that I came up with as I was playing with the squares before I joined them.


A Little Flag Bunting--Free Crochet Pattern

I got a new bike! The last new bike I got was right after graduating from college. And that was a LONG time ago! Needless to say, I was pretty excited! And best part of all...it is totally ME!!

Bike Basket Bunting -- Free Crochet Pattern

Lots of rainbow color and a beach cruiser style for an easy and comfy ride. But it needed a basket so I could carry...well, my yarn. Come on, you take yarn with you everywhere you go, too, right?


Spring into Summer with a FREE Crochet Blanket Pattern

Sharing is nice, right?! I worked up this awesome lightweight blanket with a nifty corner-to-corner stitch (sometimes called Crazy Stitch) and I thought it would be nice to share it for FREE with you!!

Spring into Summer Blanket--FREE Crochet Pattern
I'm calling it Spring into Summer Blanket


Painted Pixels Blanket Crochet Pattern!!

Tee hee hee!! I'm trying not to be too silly, but this new little hooky happening makes me all just a wee bit giddy!!

Painted Pixels Blanket Crochet Pattern

I'm calling it "Painted Pixels Blanket" because the little boxes look like  pixels and the delightful blending of colors reminds me of blending little pots of paint on an artists palette.


Melon Berry Rug Crochet Pattern

Can you feel it? I do. Spring is coming!! So here is a new pattern I'm calling...

Felted Button -- Colorful Crochet Patterns

This pattern is perfect for a rug! With two strands of worsted yarn held together, it makes a soft, squishy, yet durable rug! I've got mine by my back door and I don't sweat the dirt, because it's made in easy-wash acrylic! 


It's Stashing Tote

My newest pattern is off the hook, through the washing machine (more about this in a sec), and back from my awesome testers!!

Introducing It's Stashing Tote! Say it fast. Yes. It sounds like It's Dashing! And it is!!!

It's Stashing Crochet Pattern--colorful crochet patterns by Felted Button

As you might have noticed from the name Felted Button that I love felt and buttons. This beauty has both!! Oh, and oodles of color.


I Stink at Keeping Secrets

Mom: So, Susan (6 or 7 years old), how was shopping? Are you going to tell me what you and Dad got me for my birthday?
Me: No. Don't even ask. I'm not going to tell. But I will say that it is gray.
Mom: Oh, gray, huh?
Me: And it is a size 4. But that's all I'm going to say. It has a lighter gray top with little buttons and a flowy darker skirt...with a little belt around the waist.
Mom: Hmmm.
Me: I'm not going to say any more. I don't want to give it away. It's a surprise, you know.

Have I ever told you that I stink at keeping secrets? Not in the disloyalty sort-of way. But I am a blabber-mouth. I simply say too much--just ask my teachers.

My relative silence lately in terms of what is on my hook is not due to the fact that I haven't been busy, but only because I have been frantically working behind the scenes on some other projects that I simply cannot share yet. 

But now I can officially share at least one of them...well, not the actual project--that will be revealed on March 31, 2014--but...

...I am going to be involved in yet another round of Design Wars! (Sign up for the newsletter to keep in the "Button Loop" here.) This one is for alumni of the challenge--a mini-challenge--and is using a brand spanking new yarn from Red Heart called Swanky.

Felted Button Swanky Yarn


Ends, Beautiful Ends

Whenever I mention "weaving in ends" I get a wave of very strong opinions from most of my yarny friends. I asked the question of some of my Facebook followers and got a plethora of responses--that very strong opinion thing.

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