Here are a few of my latest creations. This whole amigurumi thing has me enthralled and my brain doesn't stop coming up with ideas. But, alas, not enough time in the day--especially if my children want to be fed, right?

This is a hip cat, from this book, that did not turn out at all like I had hoped. I like him--but wish I had not made his fur from peach. It makes him look a little like a skinned cat. I also wish that I had purchased some cat eyes rather than used these roundies. But I really like his soul-patch, turtleneck and flared pants! I think I'll try another one--dark orange kitty with black turtleneck and aqua pants. Maybe he should be called Peachy Ken Kitty.

My funny little monkey humanoid, from the same book. I love her miniskirt, heart patch and flip-flops! The embellishments are really the funnest part in making these. They bring such personality to each one.

Sorry the pictures are lousy, I was in a big hurry!! Of course, she also has a little square button at the waist.

I call her Hilda the Hippo. Ain't she just so sweet in her ruffled bikini and lipstick?! It was Eric's idea to add eyelashes, sewn on painstakingly with invisible thread! Yep. It's like sewing as a blind person!!

This is a close-up of a watch on my humanoid bear-girl's right arm--because only a really creative left-handed person would wear such an outfit. And thus, wear her watch on her right arm.

Yep. None of her clothes match, of course, but I LOVE her red mary-janes with an orange button closure. I cannot live without my red shoes!! And her hair is, well, multi-colored. What should I call her? Maybe Violet, because of her eyes?

Finally, I made another larger owl in gray at a friend's request. These little owlets won't stand up, though, because I hesitate to use PVC pellets in their bottoms if I know they will be handled by kidlets. I was going to make another brown one but needed to order more eyes!


  1. sue! Sooo cute! Thanks for doing that so fast! Yuu are amazing to find the time! I can't wait to add him to baby sams collection!

  2. P.S.
    You really need to bring that crazy little luke over so I can give him a squeeze - I love him!:)

  3. Sweet creations, for sure! Did I just say "for sure"? Hmmm... But I was thinking that you could maybe could sew a small, thin, cotton pouch/pillow type thing to fill with pvc pellets and place in the bottom before you stuff it more. Just an idea ...


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