::Ribbed-Wristwarmers Pattern::

For today...a new old updated pattern. This is a pattern that I made up ages ago and have recently reworked, modified, embellished and improved--I hope! The wristwarmers (handwarmers, fingerless gloves, what do you call them?) has actually been a very good seller for me at the local boutiques and such. But now the pattern is available so you can make a pair of your own!

I have included sizes for toddlers, children, adult women, and adult men--

It is so incredibly versatile...

Toddler version with thumb...

Adult woman's version without a thumb...but with embroidered felt flowers and buttons!!

Simple mother-of-pearl buttons on a soft color makes for a more classic look.

And felted flowers in a ring around the wrist--maybe that would be a more accurate name, "Ring Around the Wristers".

The stitch is simple but makes for a knitted look--stretchy and comfortable, too.

When making each pair with the felted ring my favorite part is choosing buttons--sometimes bright, sometimes subdued, sometimes matching, sometimes mixed up and color-contrasting. I love sifting through my button stash--yes, sadly my button addiction is that bad.

I haven't exactly written up this part of the pattern--seems pretty obvious to me--just surface slip stitch a 3 and a V that meet to make a little heart.

Now off to post it to the usual places. 

By the way, thanks so much for coming to visit. Please come back, friends, and share. I love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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