::Success at the Thrift Store::

It is quite cold here--turn on the furnace kind of cold. But what a wonderful weekend! My daughter, Lizzie Love, came to visit. We talked, laughed, thrift store shopped, watched General Conference (my favorite weekend of the year!) and thoroughly enjoyed being together. She only lives 30 minutes away, but with our crazy busy lives we still don't get together nearly enough. While she was here, I had her model my Rainbow Stripe Cowl. 

I must say, I am thoroughly thrilled with it! She liked it so much she wanted one, too. But as she is a Tim Burton Black/White stripe fan, I made hers a bit different.

In fact, I pretty much redesigned the entire thing. The only thing the same is that it is striped. In other words--a NEW design by SUE! But that is for another post! Very soon, I hope!

Now here are just two of the vintage thrift store finds... 

Oh, dear, I can hardly breathe I am so excited! The colors! The beaded and ruffled trim! And I got eight dinner plates and eight salad plates for only $8! Only a few little chips. Very good vintage condition! SO. VERY. EXCITED.

Would it be all too strange to use these for Thanksgiving? I don't typically limit myself by colors--so I think I'll make it a pink Thanksgiving this year! Maybe pink and green...remember these fabulous Pyrex dishes I found?

Next big find...

I did an embarrassing little happy dance and squeal when I came across this baby. $4! Anyone know anything about the age or name of this lamp? The shade balances on a milk glass diffuser. And this lamp is crazy heavy! As I typically do in the thrift store, I walk in thinking I am just going to look--not buy. And so I never get a shopping cart. I needed one with this lamp! Very heavy, indeed!

Other purchases:
  -Teacup and Saucer--Anchor Hocking
  -Shoes for my boy--Converse All-Stars, Keens, and Adidas
  -Old Navy white blouse--NWT
  -Antonio Melani peep-toe flats in ballerina slipper pink
  -Vintage shutter
  -2 white Crate & Barrel bowls
  -Ugly Christmas Vest and Tie--That is a story for another day and one that made everyone in the store stare as Lizzie and I laughed until we cried!

Total Cost: $40  SUCCESS, I TELL YA!

{QUESTION} - If you looked at the clothes in your closet, which color(s) would you find the most?


  1. The colours in my closet: dark blue, grey and white!!!
    the stripy cowl is amazing!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

    1. Thanks, Alessandra! The cowl was so much fun to make! And simple, too! Sounds like you have some good classic--go with everything--colors in your closet. Smart girl!

  2. You must haven great thrift shops over there ... Love reading about your wonderful shopping sprees

  3. I have a great deal of lime green, olive green and chartreuse in there! Weird! Also orange.
    That cowl is totally awesomesauce. Can't wait to see the new one!

  4. Love the cowl, but I'm really curios about your lamp. Did you ever learn more about it??

    1. Thanks! I have never learned more about it but still use it in my living room. It is so solid and works beautifully. I wish I had another to match!


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