Just wanted to pop in for a moment and show you a little custom order--felted flower wreath-- I have been working on for Kate. I REALLY hope she likes it!

I love the yarn that wraps the wreath--a heavenly rainbow of roving wool.

These colors were chosen specifically to coordinate with Kate's newly woven rag rug made by a local artist and friend, Karen. (I will post about Karen and her amazing home and talents in the near future!) The flowers were just sort of made up as I went--but the swirl is a felted version of a new pattern I'm working on. Now the whole felting of the swirl has my brain racing with a new idea to add a twist--or twirl--to my developing pattern. Ooooh! I love when that happens. 

Off to prepare for my little guy's 6th birthday tomorrow. A Ben 10 Omnitrix cake has been requested--better get cooking! And I need to get some decor for the "decorating elf" that "comes" every year to decorate the birthday child's special space--usually the family room.

Before I depart I wanted to express my thankfulness for just one thing--but it is a huge one in my mind--and that is the God-given gift of creativity.  In all of our goings about in life--everything we do involves it. Cooking, decorating our homes, selecting our wardrobes, giving gifts, writing, singing, communicating...well, think about it. Everything we do involves creativity--ours or someone elses--to some degree. Can you think of something that doesn't?

We have been endowed with just a small fraction of God's creativity. Every day we are allowed a glimpse into what his majesty and creative power are capable of and it is a testimony to me of his divine love for us.

{QUESTION}-- What one thing are you most grateful for at this moment?


  1. Hi Susan, That is a lovely wreath. At this moment I am grateful for the gift of crochet and my singing. These are the two things keeping me alive today!

    1. Oh, Sangeetha, how I wish I could sing! But I love music and the joy it can bring--especially this time of year. And crocheting is such a cathartic activity--I can feel the stress depart as I sew.

  2. Lovely wreath. I have brought one so I can do a Christmas theme one. Xxxx


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