::Too Many Hats::

I wish I were popping in to tell you that this little baby was finished!

Or this one...

Or this one...hopefully one day to be the top of a wonderful round, thrifted ottoman!

Or this one...which has experienced a major modification and looks quite different today.

Or this one...which I haven't even touched in nearly a year!

Or this one...which has been neglected for nearly two years!

And yet another...

But wait...no, not that one either. This is a color variation of my little twirly swirlies. I am thinking this could be a lot of fun worked up in primary color backgrounds with variegated swirls on top. (There isn't really a little white spot on it--some funky light with my picture.)

But, alas, I am moving ever so slowly on everything hooky. And meanwhile, the bajillion hats I am wearing seem to all be falling off! What hats you ask?

Yard maintenance leader
Academic Coach
Scout leader
Church teacher
Homework manager
Birthday party planner
Business owner
Crochet Designer

And this list doesn't even discuss the pending holidays and all that they entail!

Well, you get the idea! We are all busy. But I am working hard to not 
let my brain slip into that negative state of overwhelm. I have a difficult time prioritizing sometimes. It all seems so important at that very moment. And my impulse is to get it all done RIGHT NOW! Which often means I just vacuum--weird, I know. But vacuuming somehow helps me think I have accomplished something and reduces my stress level.

My kindergartener always repeats "Slow and steady wins the race!" But I tend to approach life much more like the hare than the turtle. I often look at my friends and family that seem to have such a gift of steady and calm. How fortunate they are! I really wish I were like that! I want to be. I am striving to be! 

I will forever be grateful for my calm and steady husband--he helps me keep my head and strives to carry some of my burden. I am also immensely grateful that I crochet--it is extremely cathartic for my noisy little brain. 

I honestly have spent much time praying and reading my scriptures--which helps immensely. But it doesn't change the fact that I have many demands. We all do. So....

{QUESTION}-- How do you prioritize the hats you wear and keep your head? 


  1. Dear Susan, It is so true that we wear too many hats. And keeping them all in place does require some juggling skills. But after being a dutiful "everything" for years, I have now decided (atleast in my mind) that I am firstly a crocheter, then a blogger and all the other roles come in later. Haha...I hope my folks are not reading this. Thanks a lot for sharing your WIPs. Good to know that I am not the only one having a dozen projects going on at the same time, or in my case lying around! I love your choice of colours, so vivid and cheerful.Love

  2. Ahhh this is a lovely, refreshing post. I love all your wips and I totally understand where you are coming from. I can feel totally overwhelmed by stuff and demands at times. The best thing I do is to sit quietly and write a list of all the things that need doing then tackle them one at a time and cross each one off the list as I complete it. I might not get them all crossed off but you start to feel feel a sense of accomplishment as soon as you start to cross off one or two. Hope that helps. xx

  3. I do the things that need to get done ... It food, sleep, work and calander commitments, then priorities crafts as I would go crazy without. Then do the stuff that needs to be done .. but later, ie decorating, gardening etc Xxx just keep calm and carry on. Make a list a split onto bitesize chuncks, for example " finish the blanket" can be split onto, do seven squares a week and sew in ends as I go along..... In no time you will be done xxx


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