::One Year::

It's been one year since my little mishap. Although my hand will never be quite the same
--obviously with this crazy hardware of 20 screws and 4 plates--I have recovered well--and can still crochet!! And the scars are barely noticeable--in good light. 

Every time I ponder the healing that is required in this life, I can't help but be reminded of the healing power of the Savior. (There's a little post about it here.)

Pretty amazing, huh?

I'm still hooking away on four different patterns right now and am itching to play with two more. Here's my problem--ok, one of my problems. It's that darn yarn! I just can't seem to stop buying it. Typically, when I hit the local yarn shop, I find some that I just can't seem to part with--so I think to myself, I'll just carry it with me--and touch it--and caress it--and glory in its color--and then put it back. But somehow, just somehow, it ends up in my bag! Hmmmm. How to solve this little dilemma? Self control, you say? Good idea.

I love the sweet colors of this pastel yarn--soon to be found in my bedroom--visions of a pillow cover. My brain is working up a pattern as we speak. But, STOP!!!!I need to finish the other four patterns first. Ugh. Stupid brain.

Here's what's {On the Board} today...

Do you ever stop and ask yourself what you are supposed to be learning from this--or that--event in your life? And wondering how those lessons might help you or someone else in the future. I do. 

Hugs, Happy Hooking & Happy Holidays!


  1. It's not a stupid brain!!!! just creative!!!!
    xxx Alessandra

    1. Thanks, Alessandra! That is a good way to look at it!


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