::Ahhh! The Breath of Heaven Blanket Crochet Pattern::

Ahhhhh!! A big breathy sigh of happiness...

crochet pattern is available on Etsy, and LoveCrafts.

I LOOOOVE this blanket! Seriously love it!

The blanket is simple and fun--with some awesome texture and wonderful drape. And the pattern has been thoroughly tested, scrutinized and edited by the Queen of Crochet Testers--Christine, Chrisi and Faythe! Thanks, ladies, for your wonderful feedback!

Breath of Heaven Blanket crochet pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button

Perfectly soft and touchable for baby--you can make it in the 4 colors I did which are included in the pattern, or choose any of your own.

I really like the "randomness" of the pattern. It is playful and fun and interesting and textured, and versatile and well, terrific! I'm currently making a second in pinks and greens and a third in pinks and purples. Imagine the awesome color combos that are possible!! One of my testers came back with these more earthy color combos...(Thanks, Christine of Yarnacles!)
And another--thanks, Faythe!--came back with these warm and sunny colors...

She made hers from Red Heart Super Saver and a larger hook ending up with an afghan size rather than a baby blanket.

I like patterns that can be easily modified to fit your taste and personality but can be duplicated exactly if you don't have the brain energy to start from scratch.

Wanna do something fun? Try going to this nifty Color Scheme Designer and playing a little bit with color. If you want four colors for your very own Breath of Heaven blanket just select the "tetrad" or "accented analogic" and move the little dots on the color wheel around the circle!! Oh, it makes me happy! Purely happy! Come on, try it! You'll like it!!

I even think that making this of little bits from your stash in a crazy rainbow of color would be beautiful!! (Did I ever tell you that color makes me happy?!)

The pattern is 8 pages long with several photos to help you with the few interesting stitch placements, a table for colors and stitch counts, and a special notes and abbreviations section. I think an intermediate crocheter will have no problem with this pattern! 

Hooks up!

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{On the Board} -- Creativity is intelligence having fun.
                                --Albert Einstein

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  1. What beautiful blankets x

  2. Oooh ... I love it too!! Great design!

  3. That is just awesome! I pinned it. Too cool!

    1. Thanks! And thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Love them. Thanks for sharing

  5. With so many color changes, which I love, do you fasten off every time you change color or do you carry your yarn?

    1. Because this blanket is worked in the round, I fasten off each color change. Even when working in rows, I prefer to fasten off and weave into the same color for a tidier look, but that is only my preference.


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