::Rainbow of Hooks::

Tee Hee!! I'm a bit giddy about my newest little acquisition--from the dearest hubby on the planet--MINE. Wanna see and drool with me...


Yes!! Ten wonderful, ergonomic, soft handled,
dream hooks all in a neon zippered case!! Made by Clover--the Amour line.

They are the perfect range of sizes--particularly because they include from B to J with a 7 (4.5mm) in between. I am so happy to have that size, as many times a G (4mm) feels too small and an H (5mm) too big. I do have another at 4.25mm which I use a LOT! Isn't it funny how such a little measurement thing can make such a difference when crocheting?

I've used Clover Soft Touch hooks for the longest time and must say that I LOOOVE them. I've tried Boye and Susan Bates and other odd brands, but the Clover head, in particular, seems to suit my style perfectly.

How do the Amour compare to the Soft-Touch hooks? I'll just have to get hooking to know for certain. But the little bit I did recently was delightful. They are softer than the Soft Touch with identically shaped heads which I find easy to use without snagging or splitting the yarn. Smooth and quick for me. The Amour handles are softer and a tad longer with a little flat thumb depression which actually feels good in my hand. 

Maybe I should have a hooking marathon to make sure. I'll report more later.

What is your favorite hook and why?

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  1. I haven't tried any of the other ergonomic hooks, but I love the Clover Soft Touch. I may have to try the Amour.

  2. Those are beautiful! I recently splurged on Bates bamboo hooks, and I can't go back to skinny handled hooks.

    1. I agree. The skinny handled hooks feel weird now in my hand. I suppose it is what we get used to. I've never tried the Bates hooks, but bamboo sounds delightful! Isn't it funny how a hook can be such a big deal!?

  3. I've been eying these off - so I had to come out of hiding to comment - but at the moment I use an Addi. Nicely shaped but made from hard plastic.

    1. I've never used an Addi. I'm not even sure I have seen them. I'll have to go on a search! Because one can never have enough crochet hooks, or YARN!

  4. I wish i could afford that set. :( but suepr duper happy for you since i heard that it's the best set of hooks a girl could get her hands with :)

  5. I feel a tad spoiled with these hooks! They are like crochet heaven to me! I know that you can buy them singly--maybe just the size you find yourself using the most--so you can give them a try.


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