::Crazy Good Mat & Blanket Pattern Ta-Dah::

It's CRAZY, it's GOOD, it's CRAZY-GOOD!

Make it a rug, make it a play mat, make it a pillow cover, make it a coverlet or blanket, make it whatever you wish! And in any color, too!

These are my favorite kinds of projects to design--the kind that inspire you to "make it your own". And the kind with lots of options! Mine is going in my bathroom as a bath mat. 

It's squishy, textured, colorful and the back is terrifically cute, too.

The pattern has oodles of pictures--over 35 in all-to help you through, too and includes a printable section for on-the-go. Hope you like it! 

Find it here, here or here.

By the way, thanks to my testers on this pattern! You can see some of their hooky happenings here (Elena of Beatrice Ryan Designs), and here (Krista of Flowers and Buttons).

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  1. Simply wonderful! It is so gorgeous, please don't use it as a bathmat. It deserves a really special place. Once again missed the call for testers...boohoo. Next time I am going to check Facebook at midnight, haha. :)

    1. Thanks, Sangeetha! Sorry you missed the tester call! I'll let you know personally on the next pattern and you can jump in if you are interested! Now I'm wishing I had made this one longer to go over the foot of my bed, rather than a mat sized one. I guess I had better make another!

    2. I hate I missed the tester call also, this is beautiful....

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Going to find the button to follow you right now x

    1. Thanks, Dedri! So happy you are here!

  3. Your crazy mat looks superb, I think it is very special:)

    1. That is so sweet, Elisabeth! And that means a lot coming from YOU!

  4. It looks smashing! I really like the textures you've put into it. It makes the dots stand out!
    (hoppy over from Moogly)
    Have a great day,

  5. My Grandmother made one in yellow, orange and a deep green when I was a little girl. I always loved it. I am putting this on my list of to do items in the next year. Thank you for sharing.


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