Do You Want to Be a Mermaid?

When my daughter was little she dreamed of being a mermaid and becoming "part of that world". With lots of sparkle, jewel-tones of the sea, and fin-like texture the Mermaid Me Blanket can bring your little one's imagination to life! Worked in simple motifs and then joined-as-you-go, constructing the tail is very easy. The sparkly fringe is crocheted right along with the border to make it even simpler. Lots of pictures, diagrams and special notes will help you make a mermaid tail blanket that will transform you little loved one into a sparkly mermaid and be treasured for years to come.

Mermaid Me Blanket -- Crochet Pattern

Design Wars Mini-Challenge Swanky Mermaid Me Blanket

This blanket was made with Red Heart Yarns Swanky--a new sequined worsted weight yarn with shimmery sheen and lovely drape! The jewel-toned colors are perfect for this design, too. But there are endless options if you don't have access to Swanky or just want something a little less delicate. One that I played with was this one...

Mermaid Me Blanket Crochet Pattern

It's Red Heart Unforgettable in two shades (and you could use more)--Dragonfly and Tidal. Some of my testers worked it up in a bunch of different colors that I loved, too. So use your imagination and have fun!

Mermaid Me Blanket Crochet Pattern

This pattern may look tricky but the motif is actually very simple. And I provide lots of help with diagrams to help in the joining process--which is JOIN-AS-YOU-GO!! Phew. I like that! I rate the skill level of this pattern at ambitious intermediate only because of the joining. But with the extra detailed explanation I provide or previous experience with join-as-you-go, you'll be connecting those little scales and making your very own mermaid tail in no time!

This was my Design Wars mini-challenge entry. If you don't follow Design Wars, you need to. The next round (7) starts right away and there are giveaways, crochet-a-longs and lots of beautiful crochet from a group of very talented designers. You can sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss out on anything right here.

Mermaid Me Blanket Crochet Pattern

You can start to work on making that little girl (or yourself) your very own mermaid tail blanket! Find the pattern on Craftsy, Ravelry or Etsy

Isn't imagination the BEST?!!

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  1. Oh, Susan - how spectacular is that?! Can't wait to have a go - and the yarn is perfect. Hugs, Chris x

  2. Absolurely wonderrrrrrful Susan!!! I know one or two little mermaids here in this part of the wprld who would love a mermaid blanket like that! The yarn is gorgeous too ...I'm thinking a nice summer shawl would look good using that yarn.
    Totally agree... imagination rocks!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. this idea is GREAT!!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  4. Wow, that is so cute.


  5. Beyond adorable!! I just love to see original, different and new crochet ideas. You are so very creative and talented Susan. Take your bow! penny x


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